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6 Australian Modern Engagement Rings Jewellers

From paw settings and gothic stones, to leaving on an excursion with the goldsmith to pick neighborhood materials, say “yes” in an unexpected way. While there are surely still classicists among Jewellers, an expanding number of men and ladies are swinging to flighty wedding bands.

We’ve seen a sharp ascent in contemporary styles in the course of recent years, with more adornments architects playing with components, for example, shading, stone and shape. Here are a portion of the best we haven’t demonstrated you yet.


Tessa Blazey

Dissimilar to different creators on this rundown, Melbourne’s Tessa Blazey really specializes in wedding bands. Modifying gothic components into contemporary shapes, Tessa Blazey adds a mark fixed ness to each carefully assembled piece. Stones are harsh cut, groups are uneven and fingerprints can be seen over the metals. Her outlines are additionally exceedingly sculptural; stones are frequently in hook settings that look like the claws of winged animals of prey. It’s this adjust of dim and light that makes Blazey’s work fascinating and delightful.



Seb Brown

Seb Brown has a notoriety for his unordinary way to deal with gems outline. Each of his pieces is an erratic that investigates surface, weight and blemish as an individual insubordination to quick mold. Darker’s site uncovers an arrangement of past engagement outlines, each made to mirror the identity of the wearer. Custom requests are welcome and accessible through interview with Brown specifically.



Katherine Bowman

Katherine Bowman’s work is intensely affected by her twofold noteworthy in Fine Art History, which she learned at Melbourne University. In each of her plans she considers how we saturate a question with significance. Compelling artwork references are apparent all through her work; she utilizes maximalist, design and sculptural shapes. Obviously, at that point, the magnificence of these rings lies in the settinging instead of in the stones.



Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan is better known for her Squiggle and Wavee pieces; two styles that play with size, line and weight. In any case, the Brisbane-based fashioner is additionally an astounding contender for wedding band making. Her pieces are downplayed and suited to minimalists. She plans with limitation, working by means of a subtractive innovative procedure to expel unnecessary items from each outline. The outcome is immortal adornments, set apart from custom.




Melbourne-based fashioner Welfe Bowyer plays with surface as much as scale. His pieces display a largesse that is some way or another controlled by the medium of gems; his rings look just as they ought to be greater than they are. It’s nothing unexpected then that Bowyer draws motivation from the individuals who take a shot at a bigger scale – stone carvers Richard Serra and Joseph Beuys; craftsman Anselm Kiefer; and draftsmen Carlo Scarpa and Gordon Matta-Clark. Customers are welcome to join Welfe in picking nearby materials for their outlines.

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Lucy Folk

This isn’t the first occasion when we’ve expounded on Lucy Folk. In spite of the fact that few individuals know the architect (who is situated in Sydney yet from Melbourne), likewise makes bespoke adornments, including wedding bands. People’s pieces have constantly commended life’s most noteworthy delights: sustenance, workmanship, travel and plan, and dependably conflict with the grain. Wedding bands are new to her portfolio. For her custom work Folk group with customers to make emblematic pieces with individual significance. The last outcomes flawlessly adjust agelessness and fun loving nature. You can see a choice of her bespoke works and make an enquiry here.

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