Annoushka x The Vampire's Wife

Introducing: Annoushka x The Vampire’s Wife

A notice for your 2018 pattern resolutions: fascinate¬†Annoushka x The Vampire’s Wife wrist trinkets are back. Obviously, the demonstration of gathering valuable knickknacks and hanging them onto some type of wearable embellishment is as old as gems itself, yet as of late these knickknacks will probably be seen on chains around the neck than clanking from the wrist similar to all the range in the mid-noughties.


Annoushka x The Vampire's Wife


In any case, molds dependably return around, and initiating the appeal wrist trinket recovery is British gem dealer Annoushka Ducas, in a brave coordinated effort with The Vampire’s Wife, the design mark helmed by Susie Cave, spouse of Australian rockstar Nick Cave.

The cooperation occurred after the couple were presented by a shared companion; they framed a firm fellowship and energy about each other’s outlines. Buckle had since a long time ago needed to plan an arrangement of charms in light of the music of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.


Annoushka x The Vampire's Wife


“The appeal wrist trinket was a thought my significant other and I have had for quite a long time,” Cave says. “The melodies he composes are regularly extremely visual and can be spoken to by straightforward images. I needed to make a bit of adornments that took the possibility of the customary appeal arm jewelery however played around with it, in that each appeal compared to one of my most loved of Nick’s melodies. Be that as it may, we would never locate a home for the thought. At that point Annoushka tagged along!”

Annoushka demonstrated the ideal accomplice to work those thoughts into reality, not slightest on the grounds that charms hold unique hugeness for her. In 1990 she and her significant other helped to establish Links of London, the organization best known for its sterling-silver charms (the couple sold the business to Folli Follie SA in 2006 and propelled Annoushka x The Vampire’s Wife three years after the fact).



“Charms have been a vital piece of my gems profession,” the architect says, portraying Annoushka x The Vampire’s Wife organization as “an energizing new section”.

In its completed state, hung with each of the 13 charms, the wristband is a satisfyingly profound, jangly melange of yellow gold, precious stones and hued gemstones. Each appeal, which can likewise be obtained separately and worn on a stud or jewelry, is complicatedly, carefully created, with more points of interest uncovering themselves the nearer you look.

They’re excellent protests in themselves, however go up against an additional component of flippant fun loving nature in the event that you know the melody or verses to which they relate.

“I never thought I’d be planning a smaller than usual hot seat,” said Ducas as she divulged the arm jewelery, bringing up the moveable controlling ties and precious stones set into the arch of the seat, a reference to the tune The Mercy Seat.

The charms likewise incorporate a sapphire-encrusted mermaid on a freshwater pearl, a small scale ‘love letter’ envelope whose fold opens and closes, and a ‘red right hand’: a red-gold correct imitation of Cave’s hand, finished with his ruby ring – every immediate reference to melody titles.

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Others are somewhat more secretive, relating to verses, for example, the firearm in Deanna, spoke to by a small 18ct gold gun, finish with a turning load that uncovers a precious stone shot.

It’s these miniscule points of interest that make the charms all the additionally dumbfounding: from the figures found inside the reproduction of the wooden church where the Caves got hitched (“possibly not my main tune but rather certainly my most loved appeal,” says Susie Cave), to the ruby blood bead dangling from precious stone encrusted vampire teeth.

“I have adored and felt encouraged by this venture,” says Ducas and, regardless of whether you wear one appeal or all fortunate 13, the increase in punk-shake mentality is infectious.

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