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Collecting Agen Domino Jewellery, Can I ? Here’s the Tips!

From now until December 3, Van Cleef and Arpels’ is commending the development of its Peninsula Hotel boutique by acquiring 33% of its whole Agen Domino Collection—near 80 pieces—to Hong Kong. What’s unique about this arrangement is that a large number of the Heritage Jewellery originate from a particular period in history or have an incredible provenance. Even better, they are on the whole accessible available to be purchased.


Agen Domino


Features incorporate a lovely match of Mystery-set wristbands, one in emeralds and the other one in Agen Domino sapphires, that were made in 1936, for Jessie Woolworth Donnahue, a known gems authority and the close relative of Barbara Hutton, the beneficiary who acquired the Woolworth fortune.

Other fascinating finds incorporate a bowknot pin from 1945 set with precious stones and rubies, a progression of capricious creature ornaments, from an emerald-peered toward owl to a brilliant tiger. There are coral and turquoise accessories and arm ornaments from the ’70s, and additionally a maharajah-motivated set with rubies and jewels.

Nicholas Luchsinger, an affirmed gemologist at Van Cleef and Arpels who heads up the group accountable for acquiring the pieces for the accumulation, shares five essential tips for would-be authorities:

Tips to Collecting Agen Domino Jewellery


Purchase with your heart

On the off chance that you are an amateur in gathering adornments, you will undoubtedly commit errors, yet recollect forget that each piece is significant and a vital piece of history.

Continuously purchase marked pieces from trustworthy boutiques

Be cautious and dependably get an authentication of realness. There are such a significant number of duplicates out there and the stones may have been supplanted with ones of lesser quality.



Construct a gathering out of particular eras

When you are beginning off, it is simpler for you to acquaint with one period before moving to the following.



Discover signature pieces from the brand

Attempt to discover signature pieces from the brand you are gathering bits of, for instance for Van Cleef and Arpels, it would be zip accessories, secret set pieces, ballet performers, creature pins.

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Secure the past

Keep in mind that by putting resources into the past, you ensure the estimation of the piece today and later on.

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