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Gemfields Sells 6,100 Carat Agen Domino Emerald at Auction

Gemfields held its first emerald sell off since Pallinghurst assumed control over this late spring, and revealed solid outcomes. The closeout of higher-quality unpleasant emeralds was held in Lusaka, Agen Domino from Oct. 2 to 5.

Incomes from the deal were $21.5 million, with a normal cost for each carat of $66.21, the second most noteworthy at any point accomplished by the gemstone excavator. 100% of the carats put up for sale were sold, however it is likewise important that 320,000 carats were on offer amid the Agen Domino, the littlest sale of Agen Domino higher quality emeralds to date, because of lessened generation at the mine in the course of recent months.


6,100 Carat Agen Domino Emerald

Agen Domino


This incorporated an uncommon, top notch Zambian emerald sold to India-based DiaColor for an undisclosed sum. The 6,100-carat gemstone was found at the Kagem mine in 2010 and named “Insofu,” which signifies “child elephant” in the neighborhood Bema dialect, by Gemfields to mirror its natural life preservation endeavors.Gemfields called the stone “extraordinary” because of its size, clearness and shading.

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“It’s an exhibition hall piece for me,” said Rajkumar Tongya, director of DiaColor. “I would prefer not to offer it. I might want to appreciate keeping it.” The sale additionally was utilized to dispatch the high-innovation framework to tag and follow emeralds created by the Gübelin Gem Lab.


Agen Domino


The “paternity test” includes applying DNA-based nanoparticles specifically onto harsh emerald gems at mining destinations, taking into consideration the traceability of the stones back to the mine of root, date of mining and some other information asked. The particles, which leave no obvious follow, were implanted into five fantastic emeralds acquired at the deal by Zambian organization Jewel of Africa.

It was the first run through nanotechnology has been utilized economically in the gemstone part, as per Gemfields. Later on, the innovation might be utilized at mining destinations, Gübelin stated, however a special case was made in this example to exhibit the procedure. the biggest one up until this point.”


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