Tehya Oyama Turquoise

Goddess of the Moonlight, Tehya Oyama Turquoise

Tehya Oyama Turquoise

There is no better approach to begin your day than knowing you are sufficiently fortunate to convey a genuinely valuable blessing to a man. This is the means by which we begin every day, and we end it by reflecting and trusting we have prevailing with regards to making each single bit of gems because of our clients.

We feel fruitful just when we know a grin goes to your face after accepting this valuable stone, burrowed starting from the earliest stage, in the most excellent of greens and blues, with excellence hued by God.

We have had the benefit of inviting you into this turquoise family, a family we were invited into such a large number of years back. As we keep on striving to present to you the best, we hear you out. Thus, because of you, your words, we began once more. The New Tehya Oyama Collection has grown an extra branch on its tree: an excellent gathering matching valuable metal with the valuable turquoise stones.

Turquoise is more seasoned than humankind, and it is a stone that is for all individuals. It’s a stone for everybody, except it is additionally as one of a kind as the individual who wears it.


Tehya Oyama Turquoise

As there is just a single of you, your stone is yours and yours alone.

Turquoise is found in all societies, and as a branch of this family we are everlastingly attached to its history with the antiquated Egyptians, early lords and rulers, and the main Americans.

In this cutting edge universe of innovation, infrequently it can be so hard to discover uniqueness. Our expectation is that, with every single valuable blessing that touches base at your home, you feel as favored as we do to see this shocking stone. I felt constrained to share my tree, so I captured some of my most loved pieces.

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