Dinosaur Designs

Introducing, Jewellery From Dinosaur Age by Dinosaur Designs

I experience the ill effects of the ailment of ‘Dinosaur Designs’ – on the off chance that one of a thing is great, at that point 16 is far superior. On the off chance that a formula says to include one level teaspoon of cinnamon, I fire in four stacked ones. On the off chance that a painkiller box encourages me to take two, I take four. Or on the other hand possibly six. Just to be erring on the side of caution.


Dinosaur Designs


I do everything to abundance. It’s an unpleasant day when another Sudden Wild Enthusiasm has arrived on the grounds that there’s each shot it will bankrupt me. Be that as it may, a goo for top of the line adornments has never took a few to get back some composure on me, along these lines sparing me from an indebted person’s jail.

Be that as it may, medium-spendy adornments is a very surprising issue. Fourteen days prior I was in Australia and ran over this fabaliss mark called Dinosaur Designs, which makes contemporary gems so excellent it gave me an agony in my stomach.


Dinosaur Designs



The architect, Louise Olsen, utilizes both valuable metals and pitch, and her manifestations are enlivened by the regular world. (Yet, not badly.) The metal gems is unobtrusively stunning: series of shells dunked in silver; sensitive chains weighted with smooth brilliant rocks; a metal pendant molded like an orchid.

Be that as it may, for me, the most energizing pieces are produced using sap. Goodness my God, they’re wonderful – thick bangles, mammoth rings, stunning hoops and articulation pieces of jewelry that resemble coral.


Dinosaur Designs


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Also, the hues! The Blu accumulation resembles the Barrier Reef. Through some jiggery-pokery, a few blues are frequently in the one piece – they can look creatively colored or marbled or like a solitary drop of naval force ink was dropped into a jug of turquoise water. In like manner, the Forest range has an assortment of greens. What’s more, if shading isn’t your thing (in spite of the fact that, for what reason not?) there’s a highly contrasting line.


Dinosaur Designs


Each high quality piece is attractive, mixed and a la mode, the kind of thing that will have individuals who already ridiculed me for my ‘style’, taking a gander at me with freshly discovered regard.

When I got on the flight home, I began stressing over the cost of bringing in additional to Ireland. In any case, incredible news! They’ve a shop in London. Dinosaurdesigns.co.uk

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