Pomellato Celebrates It's 50th Anniversary

Italian Jewelry Brand, Pomellato Celebrates It’s 50th Anniversary

Hitting the huge 5-0 is a point of reference for anybody and should be commended with in vogue aplomb. However, shouldn’t something be said about when a brand turns 50? How best to commend 50 years of notorious outline and achievement? Italian adornments house Pomellato knew precisely what to do – creating a jazzy gathering for Milan’s mold tip top and an accumulation of rings, pendants and wrist trinkets both present day and exemplary in outline.

Pomellato Celebrates It’s 50th Anniversary With Stellar Rings


Milan was picked as the regular area for a fittingly gold-embellished gathering to breath life into Iconica, with visitors including models Samile Bermannelli, Leila Nda and Sasha Kichigina, performing artist Nathalie Rapti Gomez, and mold symbols, for example, W magazine’s Stefano Tonchi among others.

Extravagance gems is immortal, and Pomellato’s manifestations are proof of that. The Italian house has been carrying us mixed drink rings with emerge stones, thick steel hoops, wristbands and accessories studded with fragile precious stones, and their mark cabochons for the past 50 years, and the form world has delighted in it. Presently, for the huge turning point of 50 years underway, Pomellato presents the suitably named Iconica accumulation.



Iconica is a tribute to Pomellato’s foundations in the conventions of goldsmithing, and draws on the first gold band ring made by the Italian house in the 1970s, restored now with the extravagant expressionism of Pomellato’s energetic pieces. The rings have truly gotten our consideration – thick white gold and rose gold bands of smooth, bended metal, studded with precious stones now and again, and accessible in different widths to suit the wearer. Choose a thin gold band with eccentrically put precious stones in the state of stars, tears, navettes and triangles; this is gems for grown-ups with a naivety at its center.

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The pendants take after the type of the rings with smaller than normal goes up against the outlines hung together on sensitive rose gold chains. Blend and match and layer voluntarily for regular clean. For a bolder minute, the wristbands express their case. Their plan is unmistakably Pomellato, highlighting the brand’s trademark: great chains. These come in three sizes of rose gold connections and, what’s far better, the catch has been intended to enable more than one arm ornament to flawlessly interface together, framing a jewelry of differing lengths. Sharp Pomellato.

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