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Criminal Steals $200,000 Rings From Christchurch Jewellers

A criminal ripped off a rooftop board, crushed through a divider and stole about $200,000 in gems in a challenging housetop heist at a boutique Christchurch Jewellers shopping center. Police said the criminal, or robbers, attacked La Bu gems store in the Tannery shopping complex at an opportune time Sunday morning.

They tore free a sheet of folded press material and got through the roof over a neighboring store, before punching an opening through a divider into La Bu. They pried open a few bolt boxes and took rings, gemstones and money. La Bu proprietor Mehmet Bayram​ said the rings, fitted with diamonds, for example, opals and tourmalines, were one of a kind. They were made by his nephew and imported from Turkey. Some of them had La Bu’s particular tulip marking.

Robbers softened a take cover a rooftop, at that point a divider, to take a large number of rings from La Bu diamond setters in Christchurch. “There’s no market for my adornments anyplace,” he stated, “Who is offering [it]? It’s all remarkable.” Around 2000 rings were taken, every worth amongst $50 and $200.

The rooftop opening drove into a storeroom of Morgan and Page garments store, which is by La Bu. The main Bayram saw of the break-in were pads scattered on the floor. “I [thought] something had happened. And after that I saw some person had gone by me.” Criminologist Sergeant Damon Wells said examiners were evaluating CCTV film, yet it was not yet clear if more than one individual was included. The estimation of the products made the robbery one of the greatest in Canterbury this year.

Police were investigating the likelihood it was connected to other housetop break-ins. Wells said the robbery strategy was ending up more typical. “We’ve seen . . . all the more of late. It has occurred before, it’s not incomprehensible, but rather we’ve had a couple of all the more of late,” he said.

This month, Adam Shay Sparks, 35, was condemned to three years, three months’ prison for three thefts where he broke into organizations through the rooftop and stole safes. One of his casualties was a Tannery bistro. Christchurch District Court Judge David Saunders portrayed the robberies as “refined [and] planned”.

Flashes was gotten, to a limited extent, on the grounds that CCTV film demonstrated him surveilling his objectives amid the day, at that point softening up around evening time wearing a similar attire. La Bu proprietor Mehmet Bayram said in regards to $200,000 worth of adornments was stolen.

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Tannery proprietor Alasdair Cassels said whoever was dependable this time additionally seemed all around arranged. “I’m simply envisioning somebody did a considerable measure of perusing before they did the wrongdoing. “In the event that you took a gander at how they got in and where they got in, they more likely than not known rather well the format of the shop.

A sheet of ridged iron material was pulled back to access the building. “They appeared to work in a zone realizing that the range where they got in wasn’t secured by [security cameras].” Bayram concurred. “They came here earlier,” he said. “They know the shop.” Bayram had been a gem specialist for a long time. He was “casual” about what happened – just “somewhat troubled”. “I know it’s heaps of cash, yet I don’t take after cash since I adore my business. “Some of the time terrible things make great things.”

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